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Philippe Starck’s TeddyBearBand

Philippe Starck’s TeddyBearBand

TeddyBearBand (Image courtesy Philippe Starck)By Andrew Liszewski

Did you know that famed designer Philippe Starck, who’s influenced everything from juicers to computer mice has even tried his hand at stuffed animals? No? Well there’s probably a good reason you haven’t, because this is what came of it.

The TeddyBearBand was created with the idea that kids frequently move from one toy to another, and what they can’t live without one week, ends up in the bottom of the toy chest the next. So instead of just being a stuffed bear, the TeddyBearBand also serves as a stuffed dog, rabbit and possibly a sheep, all at the same time. When the child gets tired of one animal, they just flip it around and move onto the next.

Of course what makes for an interesting design study to adults, is probably a source of nightmares for a small child, but I think it’s safe to say we’ve found the perfect villain for Spiderman 4.

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