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The Green Machine Is Back, And Better Than Ever

The Green Machine Is Back, And Better Than Ever

The Green Machine (Images courtesy Marx Toys &  Huffy)
By Andrew Liszewski

Does anyone else remember the original Green Machine from back in the day? It was very much like a Big Wheel but provided a different riding experience since you steered the rear wheels using two joysticks. What I remember most about the Big Wheels was the plastic front tire that could be heard scraping across the concrete surface you were riding on for about 5 miles in all directions… Ah, memories.

Anyways, in keeping with the trend of recycling old ideas it looks like Huffy has brought back the Green Machine with a version 2 that includes a 20 inch rubber tire, a front-wheel hand brake and extra wide tires in the back, marginally reducing your chances of wiping out. If my commute in the morning required to me to ride a bike (instead of walking 5 feet to the computer) I would totally switch to riding this bad boy.

The Green Machine 2 is currently available from the CBS Sports Store for $99.99.

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