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Twilight Fiber Optic Umbrellas

Twilight Fiber Optic Umbrellas

Twilight Umbrellas (Image courtesy I Want One Of Those) By Andrew Liszewski

If you feel umbrellas are less about keeping dry, and more about making a fashion statement, these Twilight Umbrellas should at least ensure you stand out in a crowd. While the black finish is pretty run of the mill, it actually makes all the small fiber optic lights included on the umbrella’s canopy stand out better.

The umbrellas (available from I Want One Of Those) are powered by 3 AAA batteries and are available in either a solid ‘blue stars’ version for about $37, or a ‘color phasing stars’ version for $41.

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2 responses to “Twilight Fiber Optic Umbrellas”

  1. theclar says:

    This reminds me of the umbrellas in Blade Runner that had the neon light running down the handle.

  2. Teron says:

    Tried to Order one of these, and the Website said that the item was “banned from delivery in your county” (USA)