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Your Dog Does NOT Want A Pet Washing Machine

By Evan Ackerman

Straight out of a Wallace and Gromit film (actually, it’s from France) comes this automatic pet washing machine, that “eliminates the stress produced by current pet cleaning methods.” Yes, they actually say that. Not only does the Pet Spa safely wash your pet with hydro massage jets, it’s also able to deliver “a variety of medications and chemicals” (like flea powder, I’m guessing). After the wash, your pet gets to enjoy a nice relaxing blow-dry. It’s designed to be totally safe for your pet, with continuous air circulation and water jets that come out of the floor to avoid eyes and ears. Designed for large pet stores, the Pet Spa costs over $30,000. Suggested cost per wash is $15; actual cost in shampoo and stuff is only 45 cents. Although you can stuff yourself inside the compartment to keep your dog company, based on the video, I would not recommend doing the same thing with your cat.

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