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Dual Bladed Clam Shell Opener Saves Your Fingers

Dual Bladed Clam Shell Opener Saves Your Fingers

ThinkGeek Dual Bladed EZ Clam Shell Opener (Image via ThinkGeek)
By Shane McGlaun

As a professional geek and connoisseur of all things gadget, video game and movie related I tend to get lots of stuff packed in clam shell packages. You know the type I mean, those virtually impenetrable pieces of plastic with the gadgety goodness nestled deep inside. I have tried all sorts of methods over the years to open them without bleeding to death from the resulting nicks and cuts from the plastic packaging once it rips with varying degrees of success.

ThinkGeek has a new gadget opening gadget that anyone like me needs to buy. The Dual Bladed EZ Clam Shell Opener is designed specifically for opening clam shells and other packages. In addition to opening clam shells, the device can open boxes and cut those pesky child-proof labels that hold CD and DVD cases closed. Grab one of these in preparation for all the cool stuff you will get this Christmas at ThinkGeek for a mere $4.99.

VIA [ ThinkGeek ]


7 responses to “Dual Bladed Clam Shell Opener Saves Your Fingers”

  1. Fazal Majid says:

    I have one. Save your money, it’s not very effective because the front tip is too big to be maneuvrable.

    What I found to be the best solution to this problem is the cutting hook in the Leatherman Wave XTI. Punch a hold with the blade, slide the hook in and just pull to rip the clamshell apart.

  2. Mark says:

    Let me guess, the clamshell opener is packed in a plastic clamshell.

    Personally i never had problems opening up those clamshell packages with kitchen knifes. The thing that drives me crazy though, is that i dont have a kitchenknife with me when i just bought a gadget in a store, which leads me to using my teeth because: who wants to wait opening up what they just bought?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Mark: No joke. According to the ThinkGeek link: “Product comes in clam shell packaging”


    Okay, joke:

  4. Kouroth says:

    Good kitchen scissors works great.

  5. Mike Huang says:

    This product reminds me of the “AS SEEN ON TV” product that was recently on commercial. It is a square tool with the same blade that cuts these darn packages. It was selling for about $25 (S+H included), but it came in 2 pack and 2 bonus things.


  6. Greg! says:

    I have one, it works OK, but for $11 the ‘Zibra Open It’ is MUCH better (plus, it comes in different colors!)