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UltraPin Digital Pinball Machine

UltraPin Digital Pinball Machine

UltraPin Digital Pinball Machine (Images courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

Whenever I’m at a large arcade I inevitably always end my visit playing a pinball machine. As much as I love video games, there’s just something about an elaborate analog pinball machine that’s fascinating to watch and play. So I kind of have mixed feelings about this UltraPin machine.

On one hand it includes 12 classic pinball games from Williams & Bally Pinball in a single machine, but on the other hand it’s because they’re all digital recreations. It uses a 32-inch, 16:9 widescreen LCD monitor for the table display, and a 2nd vertical LCD panel in lieu of the traditional dot matrix display. It still includes real flipper buttons and a plunger, as well as a virtual ‘force feedback system’ for bumping and tilting the machine, but I still don’t think it would have quite the same appeal as a traditional pinball machine does.

Unfortunately even if I was considering the UltraPin I think the $4,999 price tag (sale price by the way) would help me make up my mind.

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