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Monthly Archives: November 2007

LA Auto Show: Eye Candy

Lamborghini Reventon

By Evan Ackerman

I don’t know much about cars, but I like to think I know sexy when I see it. After the jump, check out a huge gallery of pictures I took wandering around the LA Auto Show floor last week…Continue Reading

The 2007 OhGizmo! Christmas Countdown

2007 OhGizmo! Christmas Countdown (Image property of OhGizmo!)
By Andrew Liszewski

Well here we are, 364 days after the first OhGizmo! Christmas Countdown started, ready to begin the second one. And just like last year, every day between now and December 25th I’ll be posting a new Christmas or holiday season-related gizmo to help make things a little more festive around here. At the least, it gives you a reason to waste 37 seconds every morning. Consider that my gift to you.

And like I emphasized last year, don’t necessarily look at this as a gift guide for what to buy your friends or family. We post that kind of stuff all year round, and David even contributes to the FM Holiday Gadget Guide if you’re particularly stumped. This countdown really only covers the types of gizmos you see on the market from the time Hallowe’en ends, until the new year begins.

So sit back, grab some egg-nog and a candy cane, put a little Christmas music on and then wait until tomorrow morning when I actually get things started.

PSP Battery Pack Doubles Your Play Time

PSP Battery Pack Kit

By Luke Anderson

If you’re a gamer, you probably try and squeeze as many extra sessions as you can. The best times are when you’re waiting in line at the DMV, stuck in traffic, or any other time when you’re generally away from your console of choice. That’s why something like a PSP is a great tool to pass the time. Unfortunately, if you’re like me, you have a tendency to forget that it needs to be charged. That’s why having a spare battery comes in handy.

Sony has announced a new battery pack kit that includes a larger 2200 mAh battery that will last up to twice as long as the original one. It also comes with a pair of cover plates to accommodate the larger size. You’ll be able to pick one of these up for $45 starting in the middle of December.

[Sony] VIA [GamerFront]

Casio’s Latest Gadget Makes Printing CD Labels Easier

Casio CD Label Printer

By Luke Anderson

One of my many bad habits is that I never label my CDs when I burn them. I use a Sharpie once in a while, but my handwriting is so bad that I never know what I wrote anyway. Sure, I could print out labels and affix them to the CD, but that’s a pain. That’s why I like this new Casio CW-E60 Title Printer.

This little device will use a thermal transfer ribbon to print the label onto your disc. The Title Printer comes with simple software to design your labels. You can choose from 8 different colored ribbons for your prints. The printer will set you back $60.

[Casio] VIA [EverythingUSB]

Black Hole Bag – For The Paranoid Talker

Black Hole Bag

By Luke Anderson

I’m not what you’d call a paranoid guy. Sure, there are things I worry about, but I generally don’t buy into most conspiracy theories. That’s why I’ve never really worried about the government activating my cell phone and listening into my conversations. However, I do know a few people that are convinced that someone is “out to get them.” This gadget is for those sorts of people.

The Black Hole Phone Bag is a simple pouch that completely blocks all incoming and outgoing transmissions from your mobile phone. I’m pretty much content with just turning off my phone. If I’m meeting my friends in the mob to arrange the purchase of bootleg DVDs on the black market, I’ll even go as far as to take out the battery. If you’re in need of an extra layer of protection, you can pick up one of these for just $12.

[Brando] VIA [CrunchGear]

iHound Software Will Help Your Stolen Gadgets Phone Home

ihound software logo

By David Ponce

If this fantastic bit of software works as advertised, getting your stolen gadgets back from the miscreants who took them will become just a little bit easier. iHound Software is a free download that, once properly configured on your device, will automatically contact you as soon as it’s plugged into another computer via USB. You’ll get an email with the IP address of the computer it’s being used on, and it will even print out a dandy report which you can then bring to a police station. Hopefully you can then get your ISP to cooperate, and help locate the twit who thought it cool to swipe your iPod.

The software works on a variety of devices (list here), and is able to track up to three devices. The company plans on keeping this free, though they may release a Pro version in the future.

[ iHound Software ]

Pyxis GPS Watch Geared Towards The Active Crowd

Pyxis GPS Watch (Image courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

Even with a confusing, upside-down product shot the Pyxis GPS watch is still a cool piece of tech. At the moment it’s only being marketed in Korea, but if you happen to live there you’ll be able to take advantage of its built-in database of places to jog, run or hike. The watch is definitely aimed at those who like to maintain a regular fitness regime, and will keep track of your elapsed time, speed, distance and burned calories.

Other applications include using the Pyxis as a golf guide since a database of different courses provides data on the distance to the green, or how far your last drive was. And even though the screen is particularly small since it’s designed to be worn on your wrist, it still appears to have more than enough resolution for displaying complex maps and trails. It can even be used in your car while driving, but that’s where I think that small screen might actually be a problem.

[ A wrist watch type GPS ‘Pyxis’ to help you enjoy in/outdoor exercises ] VIA [ Ubergizmo ]

Ultraviolet Spy Pen With Message Shredder

Ultraviolet Pen and Light with Message Shredder (Image courtesy Andrew Liszewski

You know I’m starting to think that real spies don’t actually shop at after all. Call me crazy, but if your life depends on keeping pieces of correspondence hush hush, you might not want to rely on a device that looks like a stocking stuffer.

I mean sure, your messages are private because they can only be read with the special ultraviolet light on the pen, but I don’t think they’re that hard to come by. It’s not like this thing is strictly CIA, NSA or MI6 issue. But if you are worried your confidential notes might fall into the wrong hands, you can also use the pen to shred them once they’ve been read. Not even the greatest code breakers or puzzle masters on Earth could reassemble a small piece of paper that’s been cut into 9 strips.

Of course I’m sure kids would love this thing, and at about $9 from it probably would make a great stocking stuffer.

[ Ultraviolet Pen And Light With Message Shredder ] VIA [ Gear Live ]

A Lamborghini Or A Picasso? What Would You Hang On Your Wall?

Richard Moriarty's 1974 Lamborghini (Images courtesy Rick Loomis / LAT)
By Andrew Liszewski

It may seem like an odd question, but if you’re Richard Moriarty who was tired of having his 1974 Lamborghini towed because the engine kept stalling, you’d choose to hang the car on a wall in your new home. And even with the engine removed and repurposed as a coffee table, the whole hanging operation still required the use of a 70-ton crane to lower the 1,000 pound car through a skylight to its final resting place.

The car currently hangs over a solid glass staircase (this guy’s got taste!) and actually connects to the home’s electrical system so all the lights in the vehicle can still be operated. Since he only paid about $60,000 for the car in the first place, his unique piece of art is actually considerably more affordable than a Picasso would be. And as you can tell, it gets him a lot more publicity.

[ Sports Car Esconced as Art in Mansion ] VIA [ Neatorama ]