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Win A Shiny New Neuros OSD!

Win A Shiny New Neuros OSD!

neuros osd By David Ponce

We’ve covered Neuros Technology in the past. They make an awesome device that allows you to record video and reformat it to mobile formats on the fly, altogether bypassing the PC. It’s dead easy to get video on to your cellphone, PSP, iPod or whatever else. Think of it as a digital VCR that’s as small as a pack of smokes. Or a little media center. And it’s all DRM-free.

A while ago, they came out with an updated version of the recorder, called the Neuros OSD. It’s got a bunch of new features, including the ability to watch YouTube videos. Matter of fact, the feature list is quite long and definitely worth a look. It’s only $230 or so.

Well, the Holidays are just around the corner, so we figured we’d get Neuros to give one device to a lucky reader. How do you win? Leave a comment in this post telling us what you’d do with your Neuros OSD: what will you record, what will you watch it on, how much of your life will you waste watching video instead of doing something productive? Or anything else you think we might find interesting. We’ll pick a random winner Sunday the 4th of November at 11:59 EST.


24 responses to “Win A Shiny New Neuros OSD!”

  1. Jake Miller says:

    I would spend many hours with my neuros OSD. It would become my best friend recording everything from Heroes to Bionic Woman and walk with me as we point and laugh at all of the tivos that cant be my portable. Neuros OSD would be seen much more than my family so I would have to name him Billy just so I can save him a spot at the big kid’s table Thanksgiving time. Neuros OSD would be with me until the end and that is why I need him

  2. Hugo says:

    I need you neuros!

  3. Mike says:

    I would hook mine up to projector that me and my friends are buying and record episodes of the Colbert Report. This would probably be bad for my schoolwork in college as i’d probably spend to much time playing with it.

  4. Randy says:

    I love me some CSI, but the kids can’t handle the blood. So, I’d use the Neuros to dump it to my PSP or Palm TX to watch by my lonesome.

  5. Jesse Lee says:

    I’d probably spend hours trying to download all my family Christmas presents online instead of actually going out and buying any (College students don’t have quite the funding. Besides, it’s all about the effort you put in and not the money you spend right?

  6. mcman says:

    I would have it surgically implanted into the back of my scull.

  7. Scott says:

    I’d spend hours actually watching the TV I pay for. Since my son was born 2 months ago, I have had not time to watch TV in “real time”, and I have been frantically shuffling VCR tapes around to try to catch all the shows I have worked so hard to get my wife hooked on, like the new Dr. Who series. With the Neuros OSD I can avoid the wrath of a missed show, or worse a 1/2 taped show, and enjoy it in all its DRM-free goodness..

  8. Rob says:

    I’d be recording my concerts (or others). Convert them to as many media versions and spam everyone I know to get my face into the living room, and/or pockets. It really sound promising to finally takes (so called) simple videos and distribute them to all the various medias we have today…

  9. LIz Bn says:

    I would use it to record all the shows the wife watches and put them on her iPod so I do not have to sit through them.

  10. Brett says:

    The DVR can only record two shows at a time, so this would be an excellent way to record that 3rd show that always seems to get dropped. I could then take these shows with me to watch on my phone, or watch at home, lots of possibilities!

  11. Alex says:

    I would record every episode of every TV show on tv, then plug it all into my school’s server, and watch what I wanted when I wanted while at school.

  12. Kyle says:

    I’d record all my favorite shows to watch on my iPod while at the gym in the morning!

  13. Jul333 says:

    I would use it to transfer and watch my Nokya N93 Cell Telephone ‘videos.!

  14. tr says:

    you know what, i’m not going to lie. i’d use it for porn.

    and for tv shows that i miss, because i’m not around. but yeah, porn.

  15. Justin says:

    Since I work evenings, I’d use it to record the shows I have to miss.

  16. Quixand says:

    I waste about 90 mins a day travelling to and from work on the train / bus.
    Neuros OSD would let me record and transfer all the good shows onto my phone for the amusement of myself, and to block out the noise of the 15 or so other people nearby who feel the need to blast their music through their headphones loud enough for all to hear quite clearly.

    Ever found yourself tapping your foot to the music of some dude 1/2 way down the train with headphones on?

  17. Leon says:

    I will record South Park, Drawn Together, and Late Night with Conan O’Brien. I’ll watch them on my PC or my PSP when I am away from it. Many hours of my life will be wasted watching these programs when I should be doing other things. πŸ˜‰

  18. Mike says:

    I would hook mine up into the faulty Westinghouse TV I bought a few weeks ago and lament the crappy picture quality while loathing my time spent on hold with Westinghouse customer support. Once the TV is fixed I’ll probably just use it to watch porn or something.

  19. mike says:

    I would take it on the road. Make it a wonderful portable dvr. Neuros Where are you?


    Please let me win as this would be the finishing touch on an outstanding long month of purchases. I would use The Neuros OSD as a way to convert all the different video files that I have on two separate hdd’s and six pro duo’s. I too would be great to have a dvr that I can use with my 350 gig ext hdd. So that I wouldn’t miss the Simpsons while I play warhawk. All of this great wonderful media would be watched on my new 40 inch Samsung LCD. (LN-T4053H if you must know) through either the Neuros OSD, my PS3 or one of two PSP’s, one ‘s a phat and the other a slim with component cables. So please for this person who seems to have it all, please let me win this to complete my collection. I have entered literally hundreds of contests trying to win one of these. If I can’t win this at least send me a Wicked Laser. BTW all that stuff was bought from money I got after being hit by a drunk driver who was on a cell phone at the time he nailed me. So help me out. C’mon you know you want to. The best thing though about the Neuros OSD is that it simplifies everything in one neat complete package. Thanks for a great design peeps at Neuros.

  21. E0x says:

    i will use watching all multimedia files that i have in my computer sharing it with a upnp server , listen all my DRM-free audio files , i will record heroes , two and hall men , CSI , and some good movies from the pr0n channles πŸ˜€

  22. Michael Godfrey says:

    Definitely, I would, uhm, NOT try and copy TV I didn’t pay for, because *chuckle* that would be soo wrong. πŸ™‚

    Plus, it would be just in time for my birthday, Nov 6th!

    Oh, you would definitely cheer me up spending my birthday away from home.

    . . . .Although, if I didn’t win, Scott with the new baby sounds pretty deserving as well.

  23. adamc says:

    I would use it to record all my favorite shows (now that the tivo is dying), as well as watch the tons of stuff i already have saved on my computer. It would be the perfect companion to my new lcd TV πŸ™‚

  24. becca says:

    well, i wouldn’t be doing anything productive with it, that’s for sure!
    i’m a really poor recent college-grad, so this would save the money i’ve had to spend on video tapes to record the tv i miss while sleeping (i know, why would i want to do that?!), since i have a god-awful-early-in-the-morning job & miss all the good primetime shows going to bed early so i can function. with them recorded i can put them on my ipod and watch them on my hour-long subway commute!
    that or just download illegal movies that i didn’t want to pay for in the theatre…