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Batter Blaster – Pancakes In A Can

Batter Blaster – Pancakes In A Can

Batter Blaster (Image courtesy Strange New Products)By Andrew Liszewski

While it may not seem like Batter Blaster has any gadget appeal, I still feel it’s one of the more important innovations of the 21st century so far. It’s basically a pre-mixed, 100% organic pancake batter that’s been packaged into an aerosol can. So not only can you skip the usual ingredients list, you don’t even need to mess a bowl or spoon. You just shake the can and then ‘blast’ the contents directly onto your hot skillet or waffle iron.

Based on a handful of online reviews I’ve read, the pancakes produced by the Batter Blaster are actually quite good. Of course anyone who’s ever tried cheese-in-a-can will be a bit skeptical, and personally I don’t think I’d be able to enjoy pancakes-in-a-can without a side of bacon-in-a-can as well.

At the moment it looks like Batter Blaster is slowly being rolled across the west coast, and while I couldn’t find any online stores selling it, I’d love to know if any of our readers have tried it out.

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