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Reebok RBK 9K O-Stick

Reebok RBK 9K O-Stick

Reebok RBK 9K O-Stick (Image courtesy Reebok)
By Andrew Liszewski

Like it or not, these days there are plenty of professional sports that are just as much about the athlete’s skills as the equipment they rely on. And given how much gear a hockey player uses there’s plenty of room for improvement whether it be with their protection, their skates or more importantly, their sticks. Besides being made of composite materials (instead of wood) Reebok’s new O-Stick has a series of holes down the bottom portion of the shaft that not only makes the stick lighter and stronger, but also makes it 21.5% more aerodynamic. Less wind resistance on the stick, of course, means more energy being delivered to the puck.

Built with exclusive O-Technology to harness every ounce of power you put into it. The O-Stick’s unique shaft has holes in the lower portion to increase stick speed and kick while dramatically stabilizing the shaft. The combination of technological advances allows for maximum energy transfer to the puck. The result is a harder, more precise shot. Every time.

At $230 it might not be the best choice for a game of street hockey (car!) but it’s apparently becoming more popular with players in the NHL and other professional leagues.

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