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Clear2O Pitcher – Filtered Water Without The Wait

Clear2O Pitcher – Filtered Water Without The Wait

Clear2O Water Pitchers (Images courtesy Applica Consumer Products Inc.)
By Andrew Liszewski

While the Clear2O website goes out of its way to avoid mentioning the Brita water filter, it’s pretty obvious who this company has targeted as their primary competition. Sure the Brita is convenient to use, can be stored in the fridge and is far cheaper than an installed system, but I don’t know anyone who likes to sit and wait for clean water to trickle through the filter. And that’s where the Clear2O pitcher has a huge advantage, since it can be filled from your faucet in just 38 seconds.

Instead of the granular carbon filter used by the Brita, the Clear2O uses a solid block of carbon. This solid filter removes 5 times more contaminants than the “leading brand of water filter pitchers” (aka Brita) thanks to a pressure system that forces the water through. The pressure actually comes directly from your faucet, since the Clear2O has a detachable hose at the bottom of the handle that connects directly to the spout. So as fast as you can fill up a regular pitcher, you can now fill one up with filtered water instead.

The Clear2O is available on the company’s website for just $19.95. Replacement filters are also available for $13.99 each, or in a 3-pack for $29.99.

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