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Retrofit Your Ride With Side Mirror Turn Indicators

Retrofit Your Ride With Side Mirror Turn Indicators

Wireless Turn Indicator Mirror (Image courtesy SkyMall)By Andrew Liszewski

Until scientists find some way to warp space-time in order to get rid of blind spots (we’re waiting!) they will always pose a danger while on the road. Not only do they prevent you from easily seeing a vehicle next to you, but that other vehicle has a difficult time seeing your turn signals. That’s why a lot of vehicles today come with an extra set of turn signals on the side mirrors. But if your car pre-dates this feature, they’re now available as an aftermarket accessory.

These side mirror indicators easily adhere to your existing mirrors and besides providing a hard-to-miss LED signal when turning, they also include a convex mirror which helps the driver keep an eye on their blind spot. Even better, the indicators are completely wireless and solar powered so if you know how to use a sticker, you’ll be able to install these.

A set of Wireless Turn Indicators is available from SkyMall for $149.95.

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