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Tattoo Bandages

Tattoo Bandages

Tattoo Bandage Assortment (Image courtesy Perpetual Kid)By Andrew Liszewski

Nothing says you’re ‘bad to the bone’ like a bandage covering the spot where you cut yourself while chopping vegetables. So you might want to consider keeping it a secret from the guys in your office or motorcycle gang with these tattoo styled bandages.

Like regular bandages, these ones are latex free, made of vinyl, and include a patch of sterile gauze to help stop the bleeding. But unlike regular bandages they include ‘tough’ designs like an anchor, flaming dice or large heart wrapped in a ‘MOM’ ribbon. And if anyone questions the ‘tattoo’ or your ‘manliness’ you can just challenge them to a knife fight to protect your honor. (Just make sure to keep a few extra of these in your pocket, you may need them afterwards.)

The Tattoo Bandages come in a stylish metal tin in three different sizes and are available from Perpetual Kid for just $3.99.

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