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Yelpie Portable Safe With Motion Alarm

Yelpie Portable Safe With Motion Alarm

Yelpie (Image courtesy Yelpie Pty Ltd.)
By Andrew Liszewski

Even though you might be relaxing on the beach or hiking in the woods in an attempt to get away from it all, it’s still nice to have access to some modern technology. But why worry if your gizmos are safe from theft when the Yelpie can make sure of it. It’s the first safe I’ve seen designed specifically for outdoor use whether you’re in the sand, rain or snow.

Just stash your MP3 player, cellphone, wallet or whatever inside the Yelpie, close the lid and set the alarm. A motor driven lock keeps the lid securely closed, while a 90db motion alarm will ensure that no one walks off with it. The alarm is even smart enough to know if the Yelpie has just been bumped or is actually being removed from where you left it.

For larger items the Yelpie includes a strap that can be wrapped around and attached to the safe, providing protection for items that just won’t fit inside. It’s not a bad idea but since the safe is only waterproof I wonder if a dunk in a lake is enough to stop that 90db alarm.

The Yelpie can be bought directly from the company’s website for about $102.

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