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Toothbrush Inspired Sofa Concept

Toothbrush Inspired Sofa Concept

Bristle Sofa (Image courtesy Bucks New University)By Andrew Liszewski

To be honest I have no idea what actually inspired the design of this unique sofa. It could have been a toothbrush, a scrubbing brush, or even a bed of nails. It was created by a nameless student at Bucks New University in the UK and uses a series of plush ‘bristles’ to provide the sitter (if you can indeed remain sitting) with a relaxing massage.

While it’s obvious that ergonomics take a back seat to comfort with this particular design, it also looks like the sofa could trap large amounts of pocket change in-between each bristle as your guests excitedly try it out. So if the concept ever made it into production, after just a few weeks it might actually pay for itself.

[ Plush Bristle Sofa ] VIA [ 2803 Design ]