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EatMeCrunchy Bowl Keeps Your Cereal Crunchy, Has Stupid Name

EatMeCrunchy Bowl Keeps Your Cereal Crunchy, Has Stupid Name

By Ryan Nill

I have a dilemma; I love mini-wheats. But only for, like, the first 3 minutes. You see, after about 3 minutes, the delicious sugar coating melts away, and it leaves me with this disgusting hay based byproduct. The worst part is that I can’t eat a bowl of cereal within this slight time window. If you have a dilemma similar to mine, or if you hate leaving your bowl and returning to a porridge-like mash material, the EatMeCrunchy cereal bowl has solved your problems. The bowl consists of a unique interior shelf that holds your cereal above the milk until you transfer it to the mixing chamber before devouring it. And it’s only 8 dollars.

[ EatMeCrunchy ] VIA [ Popgadget ]


6 responses to “EatMeCrunchy Bowl Keeps Your Cereal Crunchy, Has Stupid Name”

  1. Ian Weir says:

    If memory serves, this was invented by a contestant on CBS’s Survivor. I think it was either a winner or a runner up. Not sure.

  2. Cheswick says:

    Also, conveniently cultures all kinds of sick bacteria under the shelf, no matter how many times you wash it.

  3. cougar says:


    I also recall first seeing a similar cereal bowl designed by a “Survivor”. Was it Ethan or Colby? I tried to do a web search and couldn’t find it.

  4. Peter Gray says:

    I am Andrew Gray’s son and my dad invented the eatmecrunchy bowl , I am very proud of him and I love eating cearel with my eatme crunchy bowl

  5. BuckStar says:

    The shelf is removable, so you can wash it thoroughly. I like my cereal mushy though.

  6. Shaunstar5 says:

    Cool, i’m getting one!
    Bargin at $9… no soggy cereal for Life!