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3rd Space FPS Vest Shoots You In The Back

3rd Space FPS Vest Shoots You In The Back

FPS Vest

By Evan Ackerman

N00b pwners everywhere rejoice: now you can physically abuse your gaming opponents, which (trust me) is much more satisfying that just typing “lol u suxorz” over and over again. The 3rd Space Vest was originally designed to be a remote medical diagnostic tool, but it’s obviously much more appropriate for the first person shooter genre, where its 8 pneumatically-actuated pressure cells can simulate the direction and force of incoming fire. The vest will currently work with Quake 3, Quake 4, Call of Duty, and Doom 3, but I imagine that it’ll be easily adaptable to other games. It comes in a few sizes in both camo and black, and for you hardcore FPS girls, it even comes in pink to match your Hello Kitty gaming rig. The $189 retail price ($169 if you pre-order) includes the vest, an air compressor, a USB cable, and a power supply. The FPS Vest should ship in November; a version that mimics G-forces for flight sims and racing sims is in the works. My recommendation for the next generation: built-in tazers and heating/cooling pads for you fantasy RPG nutjobs.

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3 responses to “3rd Space FPS Vest Shoots You In The Back”

  1. Kouroth says:

    Powered by air? How much sound does it make?

  2. M64 says:

    You’ll die before you notice.
    It’s an unfortunate side effect of it being really realistic.

  3. Chex says:

    That pink thing isn’t going to sell at all. It looks like that godawful breast-cancer-awareness junk that’s all over the place.