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Virgin Mobile USA Launches Kyocera Wild Card Phone

Virgin Mobile USA Launches Kyocera Wild Card Phone

Virgin Mobile USA KYOCERA Wild Card (Image via Virgin Mobile USA)
By Shane McGlaun

Virgin Mobile USA has a new phone for fans of music and text messaging called the Wild Card by Kyocera. The Wild Card is an updated version of the Switch_Back from last year and weighs in at slightly more than 4 ounces. The phone has a full QWERTY keyboard that hides away when not in use.

A pair of color displays on the phone include an external 65k color 128 x 128 pixel LCD and an internal 65k color 128 x 160 pixel widescreen. A 1.3MP camera is built-in with a 3x digital zoom and the ability to shoot black and white photos. Web browsing is possible with an included WAP 2.0 web browser and the phone uses “Real-music” ring tones. The Wild Card will be available on the Virgin websites starting October 24 and is available now in stores like Best Buy and Wal-Mart for $99.

EDIT- Obviously not a slider, but the press release I saw said the phone can shoot black and white images, it did not say only B&W nor does the original post.

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64 responses to “Virgin Mobile USA Launches Kyocera Wild Card Phone”

  1. Anonymous says:

    i love this phone its so sleek and classy!

  2. tom says:

    How lame that it only does black and white photography. How 19th century

  3. alex says:

    it doesn’t do only black and white, it has other effects like sepia and other basic photo effects.
    and it does take pics in color.

  4. jim says:

    Well, if it takes pics in color and then has some limited photo effects, then the original poster Shane was out-to-lunch when he said it has “the ability to shoot black and white photos”. Shooting in B&W implies a different technology that shooting in color and then applying cheesy effects. I guess you can’t expect anything approaching product expertise in a payperpost site. Plus the Wild Card *does not* have a “sliding keyboard” — it’s a clamshell. And 128X160 pixels is not a “widescreen”. Give me a break. Better stick to

  5. Kaylani says:

    I think the wildcard is a pretty kewl phone.. I think people have the right to post about the cons on this phone.. To actually, sit and complain about the things this phone doesn’t have or has but doesn’t satisfy you… GIVE MEH A BREAK! why would you even get something that isn’t up to your standards?.. This is just my opinion… There isn’t MORE to say about THIS!!!

  6. michael says:

    Can you bluetooth ringtones
    or is it just for the headset??
    im going to get it in a week
    so i need to know asap

  7. Morgan (: says:

    I lovee the phone, i’m getting it for christmas.. it’s similar to the EnV* that all my friends havee (:

    shut up, if you dont like it, then don’t get it.

    hoezz 🙂

  8. yo yo yo says:

    i want it soooooooooooooooooooo bad!

  9. Tracey says:

    I’m getting one for christmas and i love it but want to no dose it come in dif. colors


  10. Ashley says:

    I think this phone is pretty cool. I originally looked online for the i-phone but it was way tooo expensive…than i found the wild card. Whats awsome about the wild card is that you dont need to get tied to an annual contract. And free talk starts at seven. Oh yeah and i am getting it for christmas!! im excited

  11. alex says:

    too bad it doesn’t come in any different colors or at least they could make like covers and stuff for them. not everyone wants black. the black looks nice i guess but the phone would look cuter and stuff if it came in different colors.

  12. Robin says:

    Im getting this phone in a week for christmas. When I saw it it looked pretty cool and I think that i am gonna LUV IT!!!!!!

  13. ally says:

    im getting this for christmas too! haha im so excited for the full keyboard and unlimited text messaginggggggg, yeahh yeahh.

  14. lala says:

    when i hear people talking about this phone like in a bad way it makes me not even want to getit im just like not interested. but when i look at it i think it’s a pretty cool phone so i guess im going to try it out but are you able to get on myspace with it?

  15. cass says:

    you can go on mobile internet if you pay for it on one of virgin’s plans, haha.
    i have this phone, the only downside is that the screen is too small for me. but its not cheap looking, and i pick the design of this phone over the strobe or whatever it was called.
    it gets people’s attention, and you dont have to spend a fortune to get your ‘sidekick3’

  16. cass says:

    and oh yeah, all you gotta do is go on ebay and type in kyocera m1000/lingo/wildcard accesories. i have a hot pink faceplate that i got for $7!!!

  17. Deidre says:

    I just got one.. Its not activated untill tomorrow but it is so cute and so cool

  18. Skyana says:

    You can change the color with kyocera m1000 faceplates that you can buy on the internet try ebay!

  19. Tameka says:

    you canbuy at least 25 different face plates for the wildcard just visit this website you can getalot of faceplates for iy.

  20. Anonymous says:

    im getting this phone next week i love it

  21. jhereyan says:

    well see i got this phone about a week ago its cool and all it just that when i try to download music or wallpapers it does not work well if any one can help me please do ooh and i cant work the blue tooth either please help any one

  22. ?Laurennnnnnn(: says:

    Its kool. rite now i have the switch_back which is kool but its too thich. this is thin which is good and both fones take pictures in like spiea regular black and white. the blue tooth better work on ringtnoes tho cuz all mi friends have blutooth and mi fone doesnt so this one betta work :]

    ew. you. bye.

  23. BOY says:



  24. Jasmin says:

    Okay this is on very effective phone. I love it! I’ve only had it for a month and it’s great. I love you can text so quickly and what not, and the camara use to be good! But today I dropped it in a cup of kool-aid, and I’m drying it out right now. I dropped it this morning around 6 something and I just got it to turn on about 4 something, everything seems like it’s working fine execept for my fave part the camara but it’s okay, because I can stil text and talk! So yeah this phone rocks it can LAST through anything. Oh yeah and I cried SO hard when I thought it was completley gone!

  25. MIA says:

    HOW (pray tell) do you receive email on this thing.
    It tells you to download an upgrade- then asks me to spend 15 cent a day.
    I am missing something somewhere.

  26. mike says:

    does it have unlimited texting for life?

  27. sirena says:

    ooooomg i want dat phone

  28. sirena says:

    ooooomg i want dat phone

  29. sirena says:

    ooooomg i want dat phone

  30. sirena says:

    ooooomg i want dat phone

  31. sirena says:

    ooooomg i want dat phone

  32. sirena says:

    ooooomg i want dat phone

  33. sirena says:

    ooooomg i want dat phone

  34. sirena says:

    ooooomg i want dat phone

  35. sirena says:

    ooooomg i want dat phone

  36. sirena says:

    ooooomg i want dat phone

  37. sirena says:

    ooooomg i want dat phone

  38. bex says:

    dude, i just orderd one offline cuz i lost my switchback =( but im excited for the wildcard it’s better then a lot of my friends’ phones so im stoked

  39. Ms.get Money says:

    Ay I got this pone and a blackberry pearl but I like bot of them but this wild card is bangin even though it aint better than my pearl

  40. melissa says:

    dis fone looks so cool ima get 1 4 ma bday but is it big?? n does it let u go on myspace??? plz help thnx =)

  41. ziana says:

    i want dat phone do it have internet

  42. CheerBetch says:

    fukk yes im getting this phone tomorrow . im way to stoked . ima bout tah scream . whats da pros and cons


  43. b says:

    i am getting this phone in a little bit so is it reall big or what??

  44. brittany says:

    this phone is pretty little. i’ve had it since like January &i think it’s a good phone. i have never used the internet on it, but everything else is cool.

  45. gfd says:

    if you could compare this phone to the size of somthing what would it be

  46. jake says:

    the size of my wenier

  47. jensey says:

    im beggin my mom for dis phone

  48. kassie says:

    ya ima get it soon i hope but yea its a nice phone tho!!

  49. newandimproved says:

    i am gettin dis fone soon…..i think………probly……

    anyway, im looking @ pix and the screen looks pretty “1990’s” i mean look at the phone on ebay.
    is the fone good?!?!?!
    PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ tell me th epros and the cons say it soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLZ!

  50. newandimproved says:

    nm, i went 2 da store and got the fone and it is soooo kewl and awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    some1 who has dis fone or used 2 have it, how old were u when u first got it??? i am 12 and is that 2 young or wutevr? plz respond.

  51. Monica says:



    i DONT LiKE iT.

  52. RaRa says:

    what colors does this come in?
    and if i get a faceplate or cover will it make it look fat? bc that swhat happened with my other phone. and i HATE ugly phones. i love that this looks like the envy but i think its even betta plus the envy is more expensive. so yeahh. but i cant find ANY other colors! help?

  53. chel says:

    I have that
    it freezes up on me when i turn it on does anyone know how to stop that

  54. karen says:

    it’s a piece of shit and freezes up all the time

  55. shortie!! says:

    yea i agreee! it duz suck!!!

  56. jake says:

    this phone is pretty sick… if you like to txt alot its a great phone, i never had any problems with it…

  57. andrea says:

    it dosent take just tht it also does color with flash

  58. loll says:

    i luv dis phone i have it but virgin mobile sucks dick

  59. loll says:

    i luv dis phone i have it but virgin mobile sucks dick

  60. Abby says:

    trust me this phone is kind of kewl but do not get if you r a girl. I am a girl and this thing sucks they dont ever make any covers for it. How lame.

  61. Abby says:

    trust me this phone is kind of kewl but do not get if you r a girl. I am a girl and this thing sucks they dont ever make any covers for it. How lame.

  62. Sean Davis says:

    lmao… i wouldnt admit to that. hahahahaha