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Terpstra MIDI Keyboard – Needs More Keys

Terpstra MIDI Keyboard – Needs More Keys

Terpstra MIDI Keyboard (Images courtesy Cortex Design)
By Andrew Liszewski

The Terpstra MIDI Keyboard definitely takes the quantity over quality approach, and while 280 keys sounds impressive, I think they could have gone the extra mile to hit the magic 300.

Each key is velocity sensitive and can be used to trigger a specific MIDI event whether it be a musical note, sound effect or controlling the massive, over-the-top Hallowe’en display on your front lawn. The keycaps are also swappable and customizable so you don’t need 280 pieces of masking tape and a Sharpie to keep track of what each one does.

And while the layout of the Terpstra keyboard might look like a complicated mess the connectors on the back remain surprisingly simple with jacks for a foot switch, volume pedal, MIDI in & out and standard 120V AC power.

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5 responses to “Terpstra MIDI Keyboard – Needs More Keys”

  1. Marcelo says:

    Fantastic!! But must be very difficult to play it!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Kate: I didn’t know you could play the piano.
    ALF: Well, I was winging it, its tough to play without the red keys.

  3. solak says:

    For computer users, I agree with #2 flareback, but what musical instruments have you looked at lately? There’s no “c#” label on a saxophone or violin. Except for pencil marks for first-year students, I’ve never seen labels on a piano keyboard.
    The black and white pattern is sufficient to locate the octaves and notes within octaves. This keyboard also has a pattern, albeit a different one, so in principle it could be a very powerful musical interface. In fact, have you ever seen an accordion? The left hand of a piano accordion, and both hands of a conventional accordion, have a hexagonal arrangement of buttons, with the only label being a different shape of the end of one or a few of the buttons.
    Now, whether it will actually catch on depends on many factors, some random, others that I am not qualified to evaluate.

  4. solak says:

    oops, sorry for the mis-reference. I pasted from another discussion and clicked Submit too soon.

  5. Joh Drinda says:

    What’s the layout? Is it a W/H or C/B-system?? I wouldn’t trust just any layout.