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Terpstra MIDI Keyboard – Needs More Keys

Terpstra MIDI Keyboard – Needs More Keys

Terpstra MIDI Keyboard (Images courtesy Cortex Design)
By Andrew Liszewski

The Terpstra MIDI Keyboard definitely takes the quantity over quality approach, and while 280 keys sounds impressive, I think they could have gone the extra mile to hit the magic 300.

Each key is velocity sensitive and can be used to trigger a specific MIDI event whether it be a musical note, sound effect or controlling the massive, over-the-top Hallowe’en display on your front lawn. The keycaps are also swappable and customizable so you don’t need 280 pieces of masking tape and a Sharpie to keep track of what each one does.

And while the layout of the Terpstra keyboard might look like a complicated mess the connectors on the back remain surprisingly simple with jacks for a foot switch, volume pedal, MIDI in & out and standard 120V AC power.

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