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Darklite DVD Remote Matches Your PS3

Darklite DVD Remote Matches Your PS3

Darklite DVD Remote (Images courtesy Messiah Entertainment)
By Andrew Liszewski

The PS3 hasn’t exactly become the runaway success SONY had hoped, and at the moment it seems like being able to play Blu-Ray DVDs is its most profitable feature. And if that’s the reason you picked one up you might also be interested in the Darklite DVD Remote from Messiah Entertainment.

It matches your PS3 with a sleek, black design and includes a ‘control-ring’ that’s not unlike the one found on a certain non-SONY MP3 player. The basic DVD playback functions can be controlled with the ring and a center button, but secondary functions can also be accessed with a slide-out keypad. The Darklite remote also uses a lithium-ion battery which is recharged via its receiver that connects directly to one of the PS3’s USB ports.

The best part is that Messiah Entertainment is only charging $29.99 for the Darklite, when they could easily get away with a $100+ price tag based on looks alone.

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