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Hyundai W-100 – Watch Phones Get Smaller

Hyundai W-100 – Watch Phones Get Smaller

Hyundai W-100 Watch Phone (Images courtesy PhoneDaily)
By Andrew Liszewski

While it was inevitable, it’s nice to see that watch-sized phones have finally shrunk to something that’s reasonably sleek enough to wear on your arm. And even though it’s physically a lot smaller than a regular cellphone, it looks like the W-100 from Hyundai doesn’t compromise when it comes to features.

Not only does it function as a GSM phone, but it also includes a 1.3 megapixel still/video camera, an MP3/video player, a touch screen interface, bluetooth, MicroSD card slot and most importantly, support for the English language in addition to Chinese.

[ Hyundai W-100 ] VIA [ Akihabara News ]

  • Alex

    Awesome, but haha, I can’t wait seeing people holding their wrists up to their ears when talking on the phone.:P

  • Kouroth

    Would be smart to make it with bluetooth so that you could use an ear piece with it. Or maybe steal Microsoft’s lan-over-skin tech for a ‘wireless’ ear piece so you don’t have to listen to ads. I’d consider buying one if they ditched all the extra crap and just made it a phone/watch with wireless headset capability.

  • Anonymous

    it has bluetooth ,

  • shah abid

    It is very impresive invention, I like it very very very much it is the future of mobile technology I want to use this watch cum mobile cum mp* player but i can not purhcase it because I can’ t afford it. So how can poor like me utilize the advance technology yah this is really my badluck, this comments not bag for the watch i am just rising the question how the young poor persons get it. Please reply me ?

  • TheeReverendObskure

    Don’t know if anybody cares or not, but I found this.

  • Tunde

    this is not made by Hyundai, they just have their logo printed on it… How else would you explain it being in Chinese and English and no Korean? DigitalRise has the Same M600i watch… here are specs:

    🙂 BR

  • Anonymous

    There are LED Watch product link