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Bluetooth Speakers Resemble Strange Chocolate Candy

Bluetooth Speakers Resemble Strange Chocolate Candy


By Luke Anderson

I’m sure you’re wondering what in the world that cool little ball is. Don’t worry, I had no idea either. This MBS-100 is Sony Ericsson’s answer to a portable cell phone speaker. The best part about this little guy is that it will actually stream music wirelessly from your phone via Bluetooth.

The internal battery will net you roughly 5 hours of music playback, which isn’t too bad considering that it runs off of Bluetooth. Unfortunately, the MBS-100 is only slated for an early 2008 launch in select Asia-Pacific markets.

[Sony Ericsson] VIA [Crave]

  • sökmotoroptimering

    Im bying the SE P1i soon.. hopefully i can hook it up to this supercool soundsphere!

    good find! thanks 🙂

  • Personlig assistent

    I have the Ep Sp 1 B and hopefully it can be connected to this, thinking beach and some music, perhappes a drink to that. Summer is here. Thanks for god info.