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2008 Saturn Vue Green Line Hybrid Gets 32 Miles To The Gallon

2008 Saturn Vue Green Line Hybrid Gets 32 Miles To The Gallon

saturn vue green line hybrid suv

By David Ponce

For what it’s worth, you gotta give it to GM for getting their feet wet in the green sector. They’re doing a pretty good job too, what with the 2008 Saturn Vue Green Line SUV receiving a 25mpg rating in the city, and 32mpg on the highway. That’s 585miles on a tank of gas and it the best highway mileage for any SUV. The kicker? An MSRP of less than $25k. We’re telling you about this because we’re impressed with the technology that’s gone behind this effort:

The Vue Green Line’s hybrid system combines sophisticated controls with a precise electric motor/generator mated to the 2.4-liter, 172-horsepower, four-cylinder engine and a modified automatic transmission. The system delivers fuel economy gains through advanced engine control algorithms including early fuel cut-off during deceleration, optimized transmission shift controls and by smoothly stopping the engine at idle. The system also features regenerative braking to capture electrical energy during braking, electric power assist during acceleration, low-rolling resistance tires and improved aerodynamics.

Roundtrip from LA to Vegas on one tank of gas in an SUV, for under $25k? Not too shabby.

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4 responses to “2008 Saturn Vue Green Line Hybrid Gets 32 Miles To The Gallon”

  1. Anonymous says:

    That’s 9.4 respectively 7.4 litres per 100 km, for us folks from the more civilized parts of the world. πŸ™‚

    Until 2008, the EU seeks to achieve an average fuel consumption for new passenger vehicles of about 5.8 L (petrol) per 100 km. (well, at least they try to…) The average already was around 7.7 L/100 km in 1995.

    Okay, it’s nice of GM doing something about fuel economy, but – Sorry, over here, the very idea of marketing a 172-horsepower SUV as “green” is utterly ridiculous.

  2. Just came and read, this is wow! I was seek from many blogs, but here is the best, I love it.

  3. dine52 says:

    Vue has many flaws which includes interior design, seating,consoles and is very heavy. Even the warranty and service not that great.
    Check this link

  4. nclaire61 says:

    I love my Vue, its good especially the heated seats which is good for winter.