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Three Chinese Dudes Build Transformer from Citroen C2

Three Chinese Dudes Build Transformer from Citroen C2

Custom Made Citroen Transformer (Image via Sci Fi Tech)
By Shane McGlaun

A trio of Chinese friends came up with their own Citroen C2 Transformer. They call the Transformer-like robot Autobot X2 and it does a good job of resembling Bumblebee from the movie. Let’s hope they gave their version a more appropriate voice for a Transformer.

The robot is said to weigh over 1323 pounds and the builder’s say they spent about $8000 constructing the gizmo. Next on their build list is reportedly Optimus Prime. Who knows what they intend to do with the robot now that it is complete. I’d hate to have that giant robot fall on me, I wonder how if it is free standing or has supports you can’t see in the image. Too bad it doesn’t really transform.

[ Gizmodo ] VIA [ Sci Fi Tech ]