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Miele MasterCool Series Super Fridge

Miele MasterCool Series Super Fridge

Miele MasterCool Fridge (Images courtesy Trends Ideas)
By Andrew Liszewski

As cool as having an LCD display on your fridge door might be, it’s really just a novelty that doesn’t actually improve how the fridge functions. The new ‘MasterCool’ series from Miele however actually advances refrigerator technology and design. First off, it’s got complete control over the humidity and precise temperature of its four independent cooling zones. That means fruits, vegetables, dairy and meats are actually kept in different cooling environments that are optimized to keep each one as fresh as possible. In addition, there’s no air exchange between the compartments, so particularly smelly items like fish or onions won’t work their way into other foods.

Another improvement is the ‘ClearView’ lighting system which uses specially engineered halogen lamps on the top and sides of the interior to evenly illuminate every last corner. That way you can clearly see everything in the fridge, even if it has been pushed right to the back. As if that’s not enough the fridges will also include the Miele ‘RemoteVision’ service which uses “a proprietary wireless local area network technology and application software, enabling a 24/7 connection between Miele monitoring center and the MasterCool refrigeration products, allowing a secured transmission of vital temperature and performance data.” Basically, if you leave the door open or if a critical cooling component fails, the Miele client service center will know about it, and will contact you about the problem.

Unfortunately I can’t find a price on the ‘MasterCool’ series but any fridge that includes a wireless monitoring system isn’t going to come cheap.

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