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It Can Be Yours: Functioning Airwolf Helmet

It Can Be Yours: Functioning Airwolf Helmet


By Evan Ackerman

In September, I posted an article over at BotJunkie about a robot helicopter that reminded me a little bit of Airwolf. After that, I rented some Airwolf DVDs on Netflix, and now that I’m hooked on the show (okay, not really, I remembered it being way more awesome than it actually is), I just had to show you this working Airwolf helmet which is currently for sale on eBay. When I say “working,” it means that the helmet is a padded fiberglass custom motorcycle helmet that will, in fact, protect your head. It also features a speed visor, an LED targeting bar, and a specially designed battery pack. Whether the speed visor and LED targeting bar also work in some fashion is unspecified. The helmet itself is painted in the original Airwolf color, “Phantom Gray Effect.” Totally badass, and yours for the buy it now price of $900. A just because it’s Airwolf Airwolf video after the jump.

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3 responses to “It Can Be Yours: Functioning Airwolf Helmet”

  1. SurgeFilter says:

    I have one and it works alright. A fantastically professional-level prop that’s individually hand-made by prop-master Steven W. Stull. He just made a full-size replica of the Airwolf helicopter last year. You can buy an Airwolf Replica Helmet and see details of the new full-size helicopter at There’s also a video of the helmet on YouTube via:

  2. SurgeFilter says:

    If you like this Airwolf Replica Helmet, you could always wear it and play the long-awaited Airwolf Themes soundtrack music with it. ;D They just re-released it (a new, digitally-remastered and remixed version) last week via and in late January 2008 it’ll be out on Apple iTunes Store around the world. It’s one of my all-time favorite theme tunes and I’ve been looking forward to the release of this for a long-time. Funny thing is, like the Airwolf Replica Helmet this has been one of the most collectible (the original 2CD set anyway) soundtracks in the world for the past 5-6 years and even holds a World Record as the “Most Expensive Television Soundtrack” for an eBay auction a year or so ago when it made $981 breaking its own records of $765 and $715 set a few years earlier. Airwolf certainly attracts ker-ching nowadays!

  3. JACOUD BRUCE says:

    bonjour monsiuer ! moi bruce chercher toi svp adresse ?
    la Photos 2 ? svp merci ! au revoir USA et france