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Exidéal LED Esthé Home Beauty Treatment

Exidéal LED Esthé Home Beauty Treatment

Exidéal Esthé LED Treatment (Images courtesy Exidéal)
By Andrew Liszewski

Did you know those same LED lights used in your flashlight can also be an effective beauty treatment? Me neither, but the Exidéal from Japan uses 280 of them that light up in ten different patterns and intensities to “permeate the vitamins and collagen in your skin and make you beautiful from the inside.” While it’s probably BS it’s kind of hard to disprove their claims when all the improvements apparently happen on the inside.

Using the Exidéal is as easy as sitting in front of it for extended periods but if you check out the video I’ve included after the jump, it’s probably not the best treatment for anyone who suffers from photosensitive epilepsy.

The $900 price tag is also a bit high for a device that has little to no scientific basis, so I suggest just using a ball of LED blinking Christmas lights instead. If it doesn’t work they can easily be re-purposed.

[ Exidéal LED Esthé ] VIA [ CScout Japan ]