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CAVIUS Travel Security Alarm & Smoke Detector

CAVIUS Travel Security Alarm & Smoke Detector

Cavius (Image courtesy Travelsafe) By Andrew Liszewski

It’s no secret that tourists are ideal targets for muggers and thieves so carrying around some sort of alarm is really not a bad idea. The CAVIUS is roughly the size of a small flashlight and provides a bit of extra protection in several different ways. The simplest is as a personal attack alarm where pushing the red button on top produces a 130db alarm which should scare off most assailants, or at least get someone else’s attention.

It also works as a motion detector and can be placed in front of the door to your room alerting you when someone enters with the same 130db alarm. It’s even a good idea to leave one attached to your bag or suitcase while at the airport, preventing someone from taking your luggage without you noticing. Finally, the CAVIUS even includes an optical smoke detector for those times when you question the fire protection that’s been provided at your accommodations.

The CAVIUS is available on the Travelsafe website for $69.95.

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