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Bathroom Mirror Windshield Wiper

Mirror With Windshield Wiper (Image courtesy Causas Externas)
By Andrew Liszewski

Now here’s a clever idea. Instead of using your already wet towel to try and clean off a fogged mirror in the bathroom, why not install a wiper blade to do it? Granted not everyone has a spare wiper blade kicking around so that’s why this mirror has one built in.

It pivots in the upper left corner and while it does require a bit of manual wiping to get the mirror clean, it seems to me like it would be super effective. The actual wiper arm comes with a chrome finish in either a smaller 500cm x 450cm version or a larger 700cm x 500cm version, but I have no idea where to actually buy one.

[ Mirror With Windshield Wiper ] VIA [ Design Spotter ]

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