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Arse Elektronika: Moaning Lisa

Moaning Lisa

By Evan Ackerman

In the same way that the Nintendo Wii redefined consumer game controllers in the context of interactivity, Matt Ganucheau’s Moaning Lisa is designed to be an interactive game of sorts, with the ultimate goal being the achievement of a virtual female orgasm. Think of her as a sort of “Moan Moan Revolution” that teaches you valuable life skills. Moaning Lisa is a plastic womannequin (?) outfitted with seven touch sensors in strategic places, potentiometers (in her nipples), as well as photosensors in her eyes. She has a personality of sorts, in that her reactions are based on an unknown pattern of sensor sensitivity. There are no instructions; the only way to win is through trial and error. She’s also quite demanding: if she’s ignored, she’ll start moaning at passers by to attract their attention. Moaning Lisa features an audio-out jack and USB connectivity, but she’s not currently up for sale. And sorry guys, according to Matt, you can’t cheat to win. That’s right: there’s no back door.

Thanks to Laughing Squid for one of the pictures.

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  • Nuacco

    wow! and I thought 3D sex games were the ultimate invention

  • qDot

    Video of the Moaning Lisa Presentation at

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  • female libido supplements

    Not fair. What about us women?? We can't just stand aside and watch. There should be a male counterpart for Moaning Lisa too, just to be equal. :)

  • Adult Shop Australia

    well this will be the best virtual controllers since wii revolution.

  • Adult Shop Australia

    well this will be the best virtual controllers since wii revolution.