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Gateway Launches 30-inch XHD3000 Computer Display

Gateway Launches 30-inch XHD3000 Computer Display

Gateway XHD3000 30-inch Display (Image via Gateway)
By Shane McGlaun

Gateway has jumped into the high-end 30-inch LCD market with its new XHD3000. The display has the same 2560 x 1600 screen resolution that you will find on all 30-inch LCD displays on the market. However, Gateway does offer some unique features on the XHD3000.

The first unique feature is the ability to upscale 1080p video from your Blu-ray or HD DVD player to what Gateway calls 1600p resolution. The XHD300 also has HD picture-in-picture capability. Connectivity options are fantastic on the XHD3000 with the ability to connect to six different devices simultaneously.

The display has one HDMI, one analog VGA, one DVI-D, two component, one composite and one S-video input. Also included are six USB ports. Built-in speakers are included and the display has an S/PDIF coax and Toslink out. The response time for the panel is 5ms, contrast is 1000:1, and the brightness is 400 cd/m2. You can buy the XHD3000 now at Gateway for $1699.99.

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2 responses to “Gateway Launches 30-inch XHD3000 Computer Display”

  1. B says:

    Looks great except for the speakers

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