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Belkin Announces n52te SpeedPad Powered by Razer

Belkin Announces n52te SpeedPad Powered by Razer

Belkin n52te SpeedPad (Image via Belkin)
By Shane McGlaun

You can tell the holiday shopping season is coming with the so many gaming peripherals launching this month and next. So far Razer has announced the Lachesis gaming mouse, the Lycosa gaming keyboard, and the Piranha headphones. Belkin is getting in on the action, with a bit of help form Razer, with an update to their popular n52 Nostromo SpeedPad.

After releasing no new products for the gaming market for four years, Belkin is announcing the n52te SpeedPad. The n52te is described as a hybrid keyboard and gamepad that is aimed at FPS, RTS and MMORPG gamers. The device has 15 fully programmable keys and a programmable 8-way thumb pad that features a removable joystick.

The n52te uses Razer Synapse software to program the keys and onboard memory allows play on systems without needing software once programmed. The bottom of the device has non-slip rubber feet and gamers have the ability to toggle between three key map states for more programming options. The Belkin n52te SpeedPad will be available in November for $69.99.

VIA [ Belkin ]


50 responses to “Belkin Announces n52te SpeedPad Powered by Razer”

  1. Phyreblade says:

    Oh man… You should warn us when we need to be wearing a bib… I think I just got some drool on my keyboard…

    I love these things, I have been using the Nostromo N50 for years now, and been resisting the urge to get the original N52 since the N50 still works great. But this… This, Oh sweet, sweet gaming nirvana! I can’t wait…

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