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Prototype Cellphone With E-Ink Keyboard

Prototype Cellphone With E-Ink Keyboard

Cellphone With E-Ink Keypad (Images courtesy and for the umpteenth time...)
By Andrew Liszewski

Motorola has been selling their Motofone for a while now which uses an electronic-ink display giving it great battery life and a cheap price tag. So it’s not surprising to see the technology being adopted by other manufacturers.

This phone was spotted at the CEATEC show in Japan and uses an e-ink touch screen display for the keyboard allowing it to easily switch between numbers and alphanumeric keys as needed. Kind of like the Optimus keyboard without the ridiculous price tag. There are other clamshell phones with a dual-display setup like this but using e-ink for the keyboard greatly improves battery life and also makes it easier to read in sunlight.

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