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Projection Clock With Old-Timey Analog Face

Projection Clock With Old-Timey Analog Face

Projection Clock (Image courtesy Plow & Hearth)By Andrew Liszewski

I’m sure at one point the look of a digital clock was considered cool or even high-tech but now it’s actually kind of tacky looking. So here’s another take on the projection clock that instead displays an old-fashioned analog clock face complete with roman numerals and a sweeping second hand.

The size of the projection is of course based on how far the clock is placed from the wall but at 10 feet you get an image that’s about 3 feet in diameter. There’s also controls for tweaking both the focus and the brightness. I find it odd though that while there’s clearly a power cord shown in the product shot the clock also requires a AA battery in order to operate.

It’s available from Plow & Hearth for $99.95.

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