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Bacon Styled Scarf Probably Better Than Wearing The Real Thing – But Is Less Delicious

Bacon Scarf (Image courtesy Shopsin's General Store)
By Andrew Liszewski

For a lot of our readers Summer has come and gone and it’s time to start bracing for the cold and dreary months that Autumn and Winter brings. So if you haven’t already bought that new scarf and are trying to find just the perfect one your search is over.

Made of 100% Acrylic the red and white pattern on this scarf resembles the marbled fat from a piece of bacon. Of course if you prefer something healthier the colors on the reverse side are inverted providing the look of a leaner cut. The scarf even comes wrapped in butcher paper and string making it great gift fodder for this year’s Secret Santa.

You can find it at Shopsin’s General Store for $35.

[ Bacon Scarf ] VIA [ Cool Hunting ]

  • Kouroth

    That doesn’t look like its advertised meat.