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The Travel Hula hoop – You Know, For Traveling Kids

The Travel Hula hoop – You Know, For Traveling Kids

Hoopnotica Travelhoop (Image courtesy Perpetual Kid)
By Andrew Liszewski

I can understand the need for compact, travel-sized versions of various products for maximizing the room in your suitcase but does anyone actually need a collapsible hula hoop while they’re away from home? I guess someone on this planet at one point thought so since the Hoopnotica Travelhoop actually breaks down into 6 smaller pieces that should fit into any suitcase or duffel bag. That way you’ll never be sitting in a hotel room bored since you can break out and assemble your hula hoop which from what I remember provides about 37 seconds of non-stop entertainment.

And at $45.99 from Perpetual Kid is it not just cheaper to buy a new hula hoop when you arrive at your destination and then throw it away when you leave? What are they like $1 for a non-folding version? Maybe hotels can install vending machines with disposable hula hoops next to the ice machines on each floor.

[ Hoopnotica Travelhoop ]


One response to “The Travel Hula hoop – You Know, For Traveling Kids”

  1. nikki says:

    it’s a performance hoop for adults, they are weighted and you have much more control over movement, the $1 hoops that you buy at discount stores are completely different and about three times smaller

    37 seconds of hooping? hah try hours, hooping is for your entire body not just for your hips

    check out