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FreeCharge Weza Pedal Powers Your Gadgets

FreeCharge Weza Pedal Powers Your Gadgets

By Evan AckermanWeza

If you’re someone who likes riding bikes and you often find yourself away from a ready source of electricity, the Weza Portable Energy Source could be for you. Charged entirely by step action, it’ll pump out between 25 and 40 watts depending on how buff you are. That’ll power, like, a third of my laptop. Damn. Or, you can always cheat and plug it in to the wall (or your car) to recharge the 7 amp-hour internal battery in about 8 hours. It’s able to jump-start cars and boats, and has little LED indicators to make fun of your skinny legs as you struggle to eke out an extra watt or two. It would be awesome if someone could build one of these into an actual bike to give you the option of either getting somewhere or generating electricity, but with a lead acid battery inside, I guess it wouldn’t be the most practical thing to do. And if you’re wondering why it’s named “Weza” (boy, I know I was), turns out that it means “power” in Swahili. Cost: $269.99.

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