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Easy To Install Integrated Solar Roofing

Easy To Install Integrated Solar Roofing

Sharp Solar Modules (Image courtesy Sharp Electronics) By Andrew Liszewski

As long as you don’t live far enough north to experience weeks without seeing the sun then solar cells can be a great way to reduce your monthly energy bills. But if aesthetics and complicated installations have always been your excuse not to look into solar energy you might want to reconsider. Sharp Electronics who has apparently been in the solar cell business since 1959 currently has a line of solar modules designed specifically for home use.

The modules blend in with your existing (or new) shingles and are resistant to impact, moisture and pretty much anything mother nature can throw at them. They even have a 25 year warranty when it comes to power output which is important since factoring in the long term savings they’ll provide is probably the biggest reason anyone would choose to install them.

A single 62W module will run about $8 per installed watt but modules with larger wattages are also available. And if you’re really curious about how much money solar panels can actually save you there’s an ‘EZ Calculator‘ on the Sharp website that will let you know your estimated savings based on your last energy bill and where you live.

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