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Digital Hamster Pedometer: Your Hamster Works Out More Than You Do

Hamster Pedometer

By Evan Ackerman

If your hamster (or gerbil) likes hardcore cardio, he or she would probably appreciate this little pedometer. It hooks up to your pet’s exercise wheel and keeps track of the number of revolutions, easily translatable into miles or light years (depending on the energy level of your fuzzy little friend). If any of you speak Japanese, I’d really really like to know what’s in the hamster’s thought bubble on the packaging. Looks like it might be for sale, but I wasn’t able to find exactly where or for how much.

VIA [ TokyoMango ]

  • Jesse Lee

    It says he runs 5 kilometers every day

  • Greg

    And the bottom line of characters is “tsu ka re ru na –“, and tsukareru is to become tired or to tire, so I guess the hamster is saying that he gets tired after running 5km every day.

  • Evan Ackerman

    5k seems like a lot, no wonder he’s tired… Poor little guy.