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CrustaStun Provides A Humane Way To Kill Crustaceans – Lobsters & Crabs May Disagree

CrustaStun Provides A Humane Way To Kill Crustaceans – Lobsters & Crabs May Disagree

CrustaStun (Image courtesy CrustaStun) By Andrew Liszewski

While a boiling pot of water is one of the easiest ways to kill a lobster it’s probably not the most comfortable way for the crustacean to die. But since living without sweet, sweet lobster or crab meat is not an option it’s nice to see someone has created a far more elaborate solution to the problem with the CrustaStun.

The restaurant-grade stainless steel contraption has a steel plate resting in a shallow bath of brine where you place your lobster or other shelled delicacy. Inside the lid of the CrustaStun is where all the magic happens thanks to a specially molded electrode. Once it’s closed you simply press a button and the required duration of electric current is delivered to produce an instant anesthesia and eventually death.

While it may be more humane than death by boiling water the CrustaStun can apparently take up to 10 seconds to kill a crab which is a pretty long time when you think about it. That’s why I suggest waiting for my own crustacean-killing inventions like the CrustaHammer, the CrustaCyanide Pill and of course the CrustaGun.

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  • Zippy

    Very humorous post. I laughed harder than I expected at the “CrustaHammer” comment. The “CrustaDive” works well also. Head first is usually more entertaining.

  • Bruce V. Bracken

    It’s a bad idea. when a lobster dies, it releases iodine into its meat, which is poisonous. Boiling them alive is counteracts the process.

  • tr

    umm, yeah, so Bruce, you do realize that iodine is a trace element that humans require in order to live, right? sure it’s poisonous…if you’re ingesting grams of it.