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Bright Idea: Wind-Up Lamp

Bright Idea: Wind-Up Lamp

Wind Up Lamp

By Evan Ackerman

Designed by Yuko Taguchi, the Wind Up Lamp is one of those concepts with layers upon layers of usefulness. Kinda like lasagna, albeit less tasty. The lamp is powered entirely by a spring driven generator; the more you wind the key, the longer the lamp will stay on. It’s obviously eco-friendly and great in a power outage, but there’s more to it than that… Since it’s wind-up, you don’t have to remember to turn out the light before going to bed. Want the light off anyway? Just unwind it. It also functions as a timer, since there’s a linear relationship between winds of the key and time lit. I’d love to know how exactly much light you get per wind, and then where I can buy one, but there don’t seem to be answers to either of those things quite yet.

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