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Vox amPlugs; Stop Annoying Me, You Filthy Hippies

Vox amPlugs; Stop Annoying Me, You Filthy Hippies


By Ryan Nill

Your guitar is far too loud and no one really wants to hear your rendition of Freebird. Plug this into your guitar and along with a pair of headphones and save us all a little bit of suffering.

The little amps run off two double A’s and come in three new and exciting sounds; Classic Rock, Metal and AC30. Sadly, they all look roughly the same, but its still a pretty nifty music gadget for 70$. Available now from the rather British looking Vox site.

[ Vox Amps ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]

  • Matthew

    “Rather British looking”? What’s THAT about?

  • Richard Downey

    umm … VOX amps are a British company … that and look at the URL for Vox Amps

    This is very kewl