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Coca-cola Gets Ready to Sell Coke in Self-Cooled Bottles

Coca-cola Gets Ready to Sell Coke in Self-Cooled Bottles

Sprite Bottle (Image via Sci Fi Tech)By Shane McGlaun

I am a big fan of Coca-cola, particularly the vanilla type. I prefer my Coke really cold, and I like it to stay that way. However, in Texas during the summer in an office with five computers running drinks don’t tend to stay cold for long.

Coke is looking to remedy that situation with a new bottle technology it is looking to test in the U.K. next year. The new bottles somehow chill the soft drink themselves. Supposedly, the new bottle will first hit store shelves as “Sprite Super Chilled”. The new bottles are also said to require different vending machine technology to regulate their temperature. This sound like a great deal to me, anything that keeps my Coke cold for more than a few minutes is welcome. As long as it doesn’t make the price of a Coke like buying one at an amusement park that is.

VIA [ Sci Fi Tech ]