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Simple 9-Volt Battery Flashlight

Simple 9-Volt Battery Flashlight

9-Volt Flashlight (Image courtesy technabob)
By Andrew Liszewski

When it comes to an LED flashlight I’m pretty sure this design is as simple as it gets. Three super-bright LEDs (are there other versions of LEDs out there? somewhat-bright? relatively dim?) are housed in a small plastic cap that attaches directly to the top of a 9-volt battery. A small power switch is also included allowing you to leave the light connected at all times without draining the battery.

The design obviously borrows quite a bit from Richard Lawson’s own 9-volt lights but where as those look and function like miniature table lamps this version provides a directional beam making it a bit more useful to carry around with you.

The 9-Volt Battery Flashlights will be available from KIKKERLAND for about $10 sometime in October but if you can wait another month I’m sure the market will be flooded with plenty of even cheaper knock-offs.

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