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Lexon Roswell Calculator At Least Has Looks Going For It

Lexon Roswell Calculator (Image courtesy Andrew Liszewski

I don’t get why anyone would need a standalone calculator these days unless it was for decorative purposes like this Lexon Roswell version. Designed by Yves Malka and Pierre de Poucques the Roswell calculator is made from a single piece of aluminum including the base and individual keys which were cut out with a CNC laser machine. It has a pretty cool looking transparent, free-standing LCD screen that can display two lines of characters plus other related icons and symbols. The ‘Roswell’ moniker I guess comes from the fact that the round aluminum base looks like a stereotypical flying saucer.

In addition to the standard calculator functions the Roswell can also deal with currency conversions which might help you figure out why you spent $65 on a pretty basic calculator.

[ Lexon Roswell Calculator ] VIA [ Cribcandy ]