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Domo-kun About To Invade North American USB Ports

Domo-kun About To Invade North American USB Ports

Mimoco Domo-Kun (Image courtesy geeksugar)
By Andrew Liszewski

Anyone who considers themselves even a little bit internet-savvy has seen Domo-Kun on the web on many occasions even if they have no idea who or what he is. Well for those not ‘in-the-know’ he’s actually an animated character created by the Japanese television network NHK in 1998 to serve as kind of a bizarre, saw-toothed mascot. While he’s particularly popular in Japan finding Domo-kun merchandise in the US isn’t easy. I was lucky enough to have a friend bring me back a stuffed Domo-kun when he visited Japan but it seems things are about to change here.

Domo-kun will actually be making his US debut on the Nicktoons Network this fall in a series of two-minute animated shorts. Of course there’s no doubt this will lead to an avalanche of Domo-kun related goods hitting the country and the first to be announced is these Domo-kun themed Mimobot flash drives from Mimoco. The drives will come in capacities from 1GB to 4GB in a series of different designs reflecting the various adventures Domo-kun has had on his TV series. They should be available sometime in November for $49.95 to $109.95 and the easiest place to find them would probably be the Mimoco website.

[ Mimoco ] VIA [ geeksugar ]


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