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Duracell Rechargeables Are Quick Acting, Long Lasting

Duracell Rechargeables Are Quick Acting, Long Lasting

DuracellsBy Evan Ackerman

It’s no secret that I love rechargeable batteries. So, I’m happy to see Duracell releasing a new (sort of) type of rechargeables that are ready to go right out of the box and will hold a charge for up to a year, as opposed to most other types of rechargeable batteries, which slowly trickle down over a period of days or weeks. The new Duracells are of the NiMH type and should be available in mass quantities this month. A four pack will cost in the neighborhood of $13, and the 15 minute charger will include a USB port to charge devices off of. The press release is a bit vague on some basic information (like what the capacity of the batteries will be) but the fact that they use a 15 minute charger probably means that they’re relatively low capacity and/or they can’t handle too many recharging cycles. Still, it’s progress.

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One response to “Duracell Rechargeables Are Quick Acting, Long Lasting”

  1. WK says:

    Look at the pic, the capacity is listed as 2650mAh. Thats very good for AA sized batteries.