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USB Powered Rechargeable Shaver

USB Powered Rechargeable Shaver

USB Powered Rechargeable Shaver (Images courtesy X-Treme Geek)
By Andrew Liszewski

There’s enough crap falling into my keyboard on a daily basis that I don’t need to add to the problem with beard trimmings getting trapped in there too. But as companies get too carried away with the ‘universal’ part of ‘universal serial bus’ we now have a small pocket-sized razor that can be charged by connecting it to your computer or laptop.

And while the compact size is probably convenient my high-end Remington electric shaver can barely deal with my wire-like facial hair that seems to grow back every 3 hours. I’m pretty sure after just one pass this thing would either burn out or become hopelessly clogged with beard trimmings.

But if your own facial hair has never developed past the peach fuzz stage this could be more than enough for your monthly shaving ritual. You can get it at X-Treme Geek for only $19.95.

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