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Talking Bug Identifying Magnifying Glass

Talking Bug Identifying Magnifying Glass

Sparl Talking Bug Indentifier (Image courtesy Discovery Channel Store)By Andrew Liszewski

We all know what kids really use magnifying glasses for when it comes to insects but this Talking Bug Identifier tries to at least educate the child on what exactly they’re about to incinerate. It uses a series of simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions to narrow down and eventually identify what type of insect is under the glass. Kind of like 20 Questions except that in the original version you’re not blasted by a concentrated beam of sunlight when the game’s over.

It also includes 400 ‘fun’ trivia questions and scientific facts once again proving people making kid’s toys these days are completely out of touch with the term ‘fun.’ I do however like that the magnifying glass includes an alert warning when a particularly dangerous type of bug is located giving you the chance to run away or use the device to its fullest potential.

The Spark Talking Bug Identifier will be available from the Discovery Channel Store for $19.99.

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