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Transformers Pillows Are Simple But Awesome

Transformers Pillows Are Simple But Awesome

Transformers Pillows (Images courtesy ThinkGeek)
By Andrew Liszewski

While a pillow is as far from a high-tech gizmo as you can get if you happen to make them in the shape of either the Autobot or Decepticon logos you’re pretty much guaranteed that geeks will be lining up to buy one.

And while the pillows aren’t made from Cybertron-mined metals (the makers have opted for softer materials instead) they can still transform according to the ThinkGeek website. “They can turn from decorative plush device into plush throwing weapon in just about two seconds.” So there you go, not only are they comfortable but they’re also multi-function. What other justification could you need?

The Transformers Pillows are available from ThinkGeek for $19.99 each.

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One response to “Transformers Pillows Are Simple But Awesome”

  1. Jason says:

    If the pillows don’t transform I don’t want to know about them